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Organic Medicine

Sourced from local farms and USDA certified organic distributors.

Holistic Alignment

Always created in alignment with the Cosmic Clock and imbued with planetary resonance.

Naturally Crafted

Spagyrics are the epitome of natural and organic medicine. Spagyrics are the ONLY homeopathic medication fully endorsed by modern pharmaceutical organizations. This is because they are considered the bridge between allopathy and homeopathy. Spagyriopathy... if you will.

Smart medicine

Spagyrics utilize the connection between mind and matter to bring wholeness to the mind body and soul. The larger consciousness system maintaining the autonomic bodily systems works in tandem with the plant intelligence, only accepting and utilizing from the Spagyric what it needs to develop and maintain homeo- and psycho-stasis

What’s New

August 11, 2020

Centella Asiatica – Gotu Kola – The Destroyer of Weakness

July 11, 2020

Heimia Salicifolia – The Sun Opener

A Spagyric is an herbal medicine produced from alchemical procedures. These procedures involve the fermentation, distillation, and the extraction of mineral components from the ash of the plant.

Alchemy is the process of transmutation by which to fuse or reunite with the divine or original form.

"The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind" - Paracelsus

Spagyrics offer a radically different approach to health and medicine than is not typically observed by western medical practices. Spagyrics encourage proactive and forward-thinking health conscious decisions and habits. Spagyrics are created by harnessing completely natural processes, processes that can be found within your body, to eliminate the amount of artificial intrusion to the nervous system. Spagyria offers a highly effective, time and scientifically tested means of natural medicine making that has been shrouded in mystery since their genesis by Paracelsus in the 1400’s, known as the Father of Pharmacology.

Spagyrics contain the entirety of the live constituents of a plant to provide a truly holistic remedy, that is totally organic, totally natural, and highly intelligent and cohesive with the human body. Spagyrics serve not only to provide and maintain homeostasis, but to allow a connection to form with the intelligence of the plant in a more intimate and direct manner that bring about metaphysical learning that has the potential to expand our awareness of ourselves and our unique endowments.

This apothecary is a CSA, or a Community Supported Apothecary. Meaning it stands as a subscription based service You may pick and choose your own herbal medicines with your own free will. No prescriptions, no doctors notes, no confusing paperwork or dealing with health insurance, just you and your intuition of what you know you need. You simply tell us what Spagyric herbal medicines you need, and the CSA will deliver enough to your door to last an entire season.

This Apothecary encourages the idea of self health. We want you to remain healthy, wholesome, and balanced so that we may have a healthier, wholesome, and balanced world. If you want to change the world, you  must start with changing yourself. Here we specialize in crafting a few of the tools to help you change yourself. Mother Nature has already done most of the work for us, we simply organize, produce, and provide for those ready for the journey towards more wholesome living.

Our Company Values

We want to create a heaven on earth, but first, we must create heaven within.

Creator of quality herbalism and provider of Plant Based Spiritualism.

How are our spagyrics made?

Organically Crafted From Raw Botanicals

We source the highest quality raw botanicals we can in order to achieve the maximum healing potency of the final Spagyric.

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