Above: Ancient Egypt used Blue Lotus as one of the worlds first culturally recreational and entheogenic substances. It was greatly reveled by the Kemetens as useful in both their orgies and their spiritual rituals. I think we can safely assume these two festivities went hand in hand…

Below: Queen Ankhesenamon is bringing her Pharaoh Tutankhamen bundles of Lotus flowers. As stated, the Lotus was very prevalent in Egyptian art and culture. The Kemetens believed the entire Universe has sprung forth from the center of a Lotus flower.

Here we truly have an incredibly useful and uniquely applicable Herbal Intelligence. If I were to sum up its properties into three words it would be, “Precursor to entelechy”.

Now lets expand on Entelechy so that we can further grasp the effects of the sacred Lotus. Entelechy is a philosophical noun directly defined as “The realization of potential.” Further, “the supposed vital principle that guides the development and functioning of an organism or other system or organization.” It is derived from the threeGreek words, “En” meaning within, “Telos” meaning end/perfection, and “Ekhein” meaning ‘to be in a certain state.’

Entelechy is the special vital force that is required as the guiding principle of self-organization. Philosophically speaking, which we try to do every so often, can be understood as ‘the Soul’. The Soul is what manifested directly after the meaningless chaos before Creation. The Soul, as the word suggests, is the Sole, meaning One, the Primary Moving force which became the first principle of the trinity and aroused all things. To paraphrase the Tao Te Ching – The universe is of One Essence, which is composed of Three principles. As we have noted with the Cosmic Clock and the herbal resonant relation of Plants to Planets known as the Law of Sympathies and Correspondences within the Mystical Teachings, we know that Thursday, is the ruling planet for Blue Lotus, Thursday harmonizes with the number Three. Now we are dealing with an indescribable force, the numbers 1, 2, and 3 each containing infinity within and between themselves, are reflections on supreme reality and have an integral connection with eachother, which the Tao attempts to explain this Ternary constituency of creation as such,

“Tao gives birth to one.                                                  
One gives birth to two.
Two gives birth to three.
Three gives birth to all things and all beings.”

Now lets take our philosophy and put it into action so that we might entelechize, or move towards actualizing our fullest potential.

Jupiters archetype is known as the overseer of limits and the God of Expansion. This is directly expressed in the physical size of Jupiter being the largest planet in the solar system. Its physical expansiveness overshadows all the other planets and this effect is directly experiential with the application of Nymphaea. When you consume this Holy Spagyric with your Wholesome attention, meaning your Full and Undivided attention, speaking directly from personal experience, it causes an actual feeling of Expansion within the mental space. You literally experience your mentation (mental activity) to having more space to occupy. If you imagine your Conscious awareness as some sort of work center, a place where you work on different ideas, rationalize different problems,  mold different linguistic expression, examine certain visions and beliefs, scrutinize logical systems such as mathematics or physics and mechanical thinking, so on and so forth, what you’re actually doing is your consciousness is occupying different aspects of your neural network and focusing on specific areas of use.

Consciousness as a force permeating all matter, weaves through your entire brain as a whole, however its focus, depending on what you choose to focus on, the ‘tip’ if you will, the main force of your attention is directed at exercising a specific aspect of this neural network, meaning your focus is responsible for delegating all those types of activities I just mentioned.

What you may notice when you’re Creating or Enquiring, rationalizing and imagining, is that your consciousness can feel like you’re mind is literally full.  You have surely heard it stated, or perhaps you have said yourself that “My mind is full,” or “Ive just got too many things on my mind.” These descriptions of how we feel can be slightly debilitating because our English language is not designed to adequately describe the reality of the spirit or the soul, but here I will give you my most accurate description.

What I hypothesize is actually being stated here is that the physical mind cannot keep up with all of the things the spirit/consciousness is trying to accomplish and sustain. When you introduce the Nymphaea Caerulea – Blue Lotus, which carries the psychoactive compounds of Apomorphine and Nuciferine, they are introduced into the neural systems and provide this experiential effect I describe as a spatial cushion that allows your mentation to abound more freely between its various patterns of thought and mental activities. With this cushion in mentation, you will discover that your consciousness has a far more expansive domain than you have been previously bungling around in. With the discipline of an explorers mindset, you will discover a greater field of experience in which to navigate through and rediscove the mechanics of. The Human Being is a Universe in and of itself, but many have forgotten how to navigate this universe efficiently, what Blue Lotus assists in realizing is that you have at your disposal a greater selection of channels to move through within your consciousness.

Left: Apopmorphine: Dopamine agonist stimulating happy, uplifted euphoria                                       Right: Nuciferine: Responsible for the trance-like states of                       consciousness, subtle catalepsy,


Furthermore, as a sedative and an antispasmodic, it aids the body in relieving its various tensions and enters it into a more physically relaxed state,  while as mentioned simultaneously keeping the psyche active. This is precisely where we want to be in order to lift-off into the non-physical environments where we can witness and further actualize our true potential. This is a state of consciousness known as WILD by western oneirologists or sleep scientists. WILD is an acronym meaning Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming.

This process moves us into a state of being described by Plato as a “Metaxic environment”, literally meaning the ~in-betweenness~ of which the human awareness resides, also conceptualized as the Astral Planes in the 70’s and 80’s, known as Mictlan by the ancient Toltecs, also known as the Bardo by the Tibeteans, by the Egyptians as the Netherworlds, the Barzakh Olam Mithal in Islamic philosophy meaning the Limbo or partition, and the World of Yetzirah in the mystical Judaic Kabbalah. In our English language it can be described as a Reality Wide Web. A world of Ideas and Emanations, where thoughts come to life as thought-forms, and all of the universal information is stored and accessible by a physically unbound awareness. The Lotus offers this by placing you into the drivers seat of the point coniscousness, Ka, or the Merkabah. It is in a Theta state brain wave pattern from which you utilize this state of consciousness as a type of vehicle to move within this universal dreamscape that connects all things.

This is this reason why I have said that the Lotus is the precursor to entelechy. When we are capable of achieving this state of awareness where we can access alternate spatial dimensions within your direct conscious experience, we open ourselves to the larger reality of the universe within us, akin to Jesus’s exclamation that, the kingdoms of god remain within you. However, Unless you are intentionally moving towards the domain of Self, knock on the door to your Kingdom, and then consciously walk through it, you will not enter the kingdom. So Nymphaea, which is noted as corresponding to that sphere known as Chesed on the Tree of Life, is the sphere of spiritual growth. Through Intentional usage, it will help you find that domain of which to expand your consciousness and grow into your capacities as a truly Limitless Spiritual Being.

I do sincerely hope to have provided you with some degree of clarity here and some usages on how to apply the Lotus as it enables Plant Based Spiritual development. With wholesome and balanced vibes, please continue to enjoy your existence.

In relation to the featured image at the top of this page, you see a painting known as the Garland of Blue Lotus…

In the ancient yet ever present battle between the Angels and Demons, known as the Mahabharata, one particular battle, the 18-day Kurukshetra War, a Princess is offered a wreath of Blue Lotus flowers, which allows the Princess to experience an alternate Point of View, a view from a mans body, so that she might experience a unity of opposites and find peace of mind, which was integrally related to the emotional sphere of the palace which he ruled and the war which he/she fought. This union is a gesture towards the same Christian idea of the Bridegroom, the Hermaphroditus  in Greek mythology who is a Being whose Spirit has reached the evolutionary climax and contains the totality of male and female, or similarly the Sophia/Christ syzygy and the garment of the “perfect Man” in gnosticism, of which Mary Magdelen is said to darn. In addition, the Buddhist, Hindu, and Jainist philosophies use a thousand petaled Lotus as the symbol for spiritual illumination.



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