26 Paradigm Shifting Books for the Path of Knowledge

1.) A Beautiful Question – Frank Wilczek

The Emperors New Mind – Roger Penrose

Biocentrism – Robert Lanza

Holographic Universe – Michael Talbot

How to Know Higher Worlds – Rudolph Steiner

Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions

The Field by Lynn Mctaggert

Synergetics 1 and 2 – Buckminister Fuller




Evolutionary Herbalism – Sajah Popham


Corpus Hermeticum – Hermes

The Collected Dead Sea Scrolls – Unknown, potentially, The Essenes

Virgin of the World – Hermes


The Ultimate Journey – Bob Monroe

A Course in Miracles – Channeled

Not in His Image – John Lamb Lash

The Holy Science – Swami Sri Yukteswar

Food of the Gods – Terrence McKenna

Hieroglyphic Monad – Dr John Dee

Emerald Tablet of Truth (every translation)

Thomas Paine – Common Sense

Chomsky on Anarchism


GRUNCH of Giants – Fuller