Intents – Aims- Purposes

Our Mission is Whole Being Healing

I am Nicholas J. Denton and I am the creator of this Community Supported Apothecary. I decided to create it after discovering the great depths of the human experience and the potential powers, endowments, and talents, that typically lie latent beneath many misconceptions about the nature of being human and the nature of reality.

It goes without saying that the human body was created from an amalgam of natural components, our bodies are the ultimate product of the universes basic evolutionary systems. Therefore, nature contains a storehouse of toolsets required to assemble and maintain a perfectly balanced human being. These toolsets, which are our minerals, foods, herbs, spices, weeds, fungi, animals, the totality of the flora and fauna, have been expertly defined and cataloged since the dawn of the hard sciences. All that remains for us to do is to figure out exactly how to use these tools to suit our specific needs.

Natural Medicine

The primary expression of this Apothecary is with the intent to develop, create, and refine Spagyric elixirs, which are a more elevated and molecularly whole version of plant tinctures. Ailments of all kinds can be circumvented with proactive use of Spagyric herbal remedies. Headaches, stomach-aches, indigestion, joint pain, anxieties, depressions, stimulants, stabilizers, relaxants, immune boosters, anti-inflammatory devices, etc etc etc. You name the ailment, there’s most likely an herb to use as a cure.

Our aims are to provide a healthy and effective alternative medicine to the artificial over-the-counter medications that our society has become so dependent on. A Spagyric medicine is created using only natural processes. Our intent is to reconnect with a higher intelligence to allow whole-being-healing to occur. Part of this reconnecting rests on the shoulders of the individual reading this. This is a natural medicine subscription service, only you can determine which herb is right for you. You should thoroughly research the herbs you’re ingesting to assure your own safety.

Spirit Medicine

The next level of this Apothecary is designed to catalyze spiritual development. Most of the issues our species faces now a days, are behavioral and psychological. This is a bifurcated way of saying spiritual, which means, everything that is happening behind the eyes of an individual, inside of your conscious awareness. In other words, the subjective aspect of existence. This non-physical part of ourselves is the host of certain asomatic* talents, capacities, and uniqueness’s that when exercised, bring our total being, meaning our selves and our environment of which we are an integral part, into a more full and complete state of development. This is the true essence of all the worlds spiritual practices. Spagyrics are meant to compliment and assist a spiritual lifestyle through their nearly infinite uses. This Apothecary will provide a loose structure of herbalism that reflects the evolution of the spirit and to provide information on how spagyrics could aid those evolutions.