Cimicifuga Racemosa – Black Cohosh


Cimicifuga Racemosa – Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh was traditionally used by the Native Americans for womens complaints such as painful periods and problems associated with menopause.  It also benefits Rheumatoid Arthritis and nerve conditions like tinnitus (when it is associated with menopause). Many clinical trials have been run verifying the claims of use for menopausal symptoms, especially hot flashes. A widely used remedy is a combination of Saint Johns Wort and Black Cohosh and has been shown as an effective combination for such cases. It is suggested Black Cohosh slows and prevents the development of osteoporosis and PCOS, a hormonal deficiency. It does not contain estrogen, but it has an estrogenic action within the body due to specific effects within the brain. Always consult your doctor before mixing herbal medicine with pharmaceutical medication.

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Key Actions

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Sedative
  • Antirheumatic
  • Estrogenic
  • Expectorant


Key Constistuents

  • Triterpene Glycosides (acetin, cimicifugoside)
  • Isoflavones(formononetin)
  • Isoferulic Acid

Cosmic Resonance

Day: Friday

Number: 6

Planet: Venus

Sign: Libra

Chakra: Heart

Sefirot: Victory

Color: Pink

Dosha: Kapha

Stone: Copper


Crude Spagyric Ingredients:

60% ABV Everclear

Black Cohosh from local farmers market “Heritage Market”

Full spectrum Black Cohosh minerals

Sizing and Caring:

All spagyrics are bottled at 1 ounce and best retain their potency when stored in dark cool places.


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