Foeniculum Vulgare – Sweet Fennel Seed


Sweet Fennels effects are concentrated on the digestive system. It is primairly used to relieve bloating, settle stomach pains, stimulate the appetite and act as a diuretic and anti-inflammatory, settles digestion and reduces abdominal distension. It carries estrogenic activity and may prove helpful in relieving menopausal symptoms.

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Key Actions:

  • Diuretic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Mild Expectorant

Key Constituents:

  • Volatile oils include; Anethole, fenchone, and methylchavicol.
  • Flavonoids
  • Coumarins (including bergapten)
  • Sterols

Essential Spagyric Ingredients:

Starwest Botanicals Sweet Fennel Seed

22% ABV Fennel Wine

Distilled water

Sizing and Caring:

All spagyrics are bottled at 1 ounce and best retain their potency when stored in dark cool places.


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