History of Spagyria

Philosophy Behind Spagyrics

Pictured is Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim – Father of Modern Pharmacology – Inventor of Spagyria

A Spagyric is a highly concentrated, purified, and astronomically potentiated form of plant matter. The term itself means literally “to pull apart and recombine”. What is being separated is the the three animating life forces, spirit, body, and soul, to receive a purification or evolution, and then recombined to a more exalted and bio-available form of the specific herb.

Essential vs Crude

Essential and Crude Spagyrics differ only in the means of creation, but the end product remains the same. The Crude Spagyric utilizes grain alcohol for extracting certain herbal components, whereas in the Essential Spagyric, we use the alcohol derived from the specific herb itself to extract and purify the components. Because of the time, energy, and resources put into Essential Spagyrics, they are slightly more expensive. The Essential Spagyric is closer to true holism, however, although Crude Spagyrics are the most commonly scientifically tested.

Plant Sourcing & Harvesting

The first step is harvesting, which is precisely timed with the planets that govern the plant being used. In Alchemical tradition, each plant corresponds to a planetary body and zodiacal sign, and thus a specific day of the week and time of the day, offers us the optimal timing to harvest a plant nearest to its most holistic state and when it would be most effective in its uses. Every step in the Spagyric process is coordinated using this flexible planetary system of timekeeping. Performing any Spagyric actions, be it consuming or creating, in alignment with the cosmic energy of the natural worlds, provides a certain type of energy that just doesn’t come with western medicines. It has to be experienced to be understood.

Isolating the Soul

The Second step is to extract and purify the plants soul. This is done via steam distillation in efforts to isolate the herbs essential oils. In Alchemy, this is referred to as the Sulfur of the plant. The essential oils contain hydrocarbons, oxygenated compounds, aromatics, and more that even just a tiny drop or two of one of these naturally released, active chemical constituents, can have a immediately noticeable affects on the immune system and mood of the user.

Purifying the Spirit

The Third step is to release and purify the spirit, from the body of the plant. This is done by fermenting the herb and then distilling its alcohol content multiple times over. Traditionally, 7 times distilled provides the most potentiated spirit, and of course, done in accordance with the planetary system of time. The more distillations, the more powerful the Spagyric.

Revealing the Salt Crystals

The Fourth step is a purification of the body of the plant. Only after the souls oils are released and the spirit is fermented and distilled, can the next step take place. Through calcification of the plants body the unique mineral content can be leeched from the ashes, filtered and made bio-available via crystallization. The longer the herb is calcined the more potent the Spagyric will be.

Birthing and the Breath of Life

The Fifth and final step is cohobation, what I call the Breath of Life, or birthing. With the astronomical alignments in mind, we take our now three separated and purified herbal, alcohols, oils, and crystals, and the three substances are systematically recombined to mark the birth of the medicine. This birth is actuated through what alchemists called cohobating. An action on the solution to gently distill the lighter components out of the denser part of the medicine, allowed to rise to the top of the distillation vessel, then the lighter essences are cooled and fall back down into the solution to recombine through the force of gravity. This process is done traditionally through Solar power alone, and the continual circulation of the essence is the medicine being Breathed to Life. After the Spagyric is given life, The longer the elixir ages, the stronger the Spagyric becomes.