General Guidelines for Spagyric Use


A true medicine is never meant to be abused, taken arrogantly, or used with any malintent. Medicine is meant to serve as a temporary supplement for the user and then for the user to heal and move on. Consume at your own risk!


The standard dosage is 5-20 drops or half a pipette. Mix dosage with a glass of water, no more than 3 times a day. 5-10 drops may be taken under the tongue, but be warned, short-path spagyrics are made with 151 Proof grain alcohol and will not taste good.

Using with Intent:

Alchemists originally used spagyric medicines to guide and catalyze spiritual development. Spirituality simply means the study of Spirits. Spagyria is an attempt by Observers to study the nature of Being and of Organic Intelligence. A fully grown plant or herb is a natural expression of the information encrypted within its seed. An herbs affects on the autonomic bodily systems and to the direct experience of the user are expressions of its Organic Intelligence.

Every thing serves a unique purpose and role in life. This is emphatically evident in plant life, thus the goal of spagyrics is to prepare the plant in a manner that accentuates its unique intelligence, so that the Observer (you) may connect with that intelligence in a cohesive, healing, and syntrophic  manner.

During the processes of purification, the overarching goal is to derive a physical substance capable of hosting a clear ethereal connection, while maintaining the unique energetic signature of the herb being exalted. Spagyricians consider this an evolution of the herbs spirit into a higher expression of its self. When one chooses to use these “evolved herbs” or spagyric elixirs, it is highly recommended that they too, are maintaining an ethereal connection of their own. A strong awareness in the subjective domain of reality is what allows for a visceral sense of the mind-matter connection. Therefore, when proceeding with healing, acknowledging your cooperative relationship with the herbal spirit is necessary in order to receive the highest quality of efficacy.

Sit with your elixir in your vicinity. Clear your mind through meditation. Visualization, imagination, focus, mood, and intention are powerful tools for affecting the healing process. Focus on the life force, the flame that ignites your conscious experience that resides at the center of your being. Powering your every heart beat, transmuting environmental oxygen into internal awareness. Imagine that life force pulsating through yourself and through all matter connected to you in its varying degrees. As you consume the elixir, focus your intent on precisely what you are achieving by communing with the spirit in this way. See your own biorhythms begin to transform and become more coherent as they move towards a state of greater harmony.

These visualizations will guide your consciousness, and the ethereal components of the spagyric, towards a reality that is in alignment with the intents of the user. Continue to sit with the elixir after consummation and to focus on your initial intent. After a clear visualization is developed, clear your mind and become aware of your deeper consciousness beneath the immediate physcial stimuli and the ebb and flow of thoughts. Allow your mind to become a blank slate, so it can be a receiver for information from the herb itself (Like turning down the music to hear someone speak). Each plants intelligence carries unique information on how that being relates to the Source of All Things. Through its direct effects on our phenomenologically obvious experience, and the continual refinement of our intuition, can we open ourselves to the teachings of nature and initiation into the mysteries of the kingdoms of God. Once this initial meditation is completed, take a few minutes at different periods of the day to reflect on your self healing session. Couple this with micro-dosing the elixir, and you have a potent formula.

John Dees Monas Hieroglyphica. A visual meditative aid, meant to be assembled piece by piece through prolonged focused imagination, to associate the meditators awareness with the Origin of Matter.


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